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  • Pallots Wonders

    (David Pallot)
    Jersey wonders (Mèrvelles dé Jèri ) are best described as a rich twisted doughnut, shaped like a lover’s knot – but without the jam filling or sugar coating. This traditional Jersey delicacy is a popular treat at fairs, festivals and markets around the Island, all year long and for generations.
  • Pat-A-Cakes Jersey

    (Jenna Johnson-Rayner)
    A Pat-a-cakes Jersey cake is one which tastes as good as it looks. Pat-a-Cakes Jersey was born at the same time as my youngest son and named by my eldest son after the nursery rhyme. It is a family business with my husband and sons enjoying any leftovers!
  • Paul Houzé

    (Paul Houzé)
    Dairy farmer Paul Houzé is at the vanguard of the most momentous diversification in the proud history of the world-famous Jersey Cow.
  • Pebble.Love

    (Michelle Noel)
    Pebble.Love was set up by Michelle & Neil in 2016. They both share the love of the beach and both love using natural resources as much as possible. They come up with this idea whilst on the beach in the summer, subsequently putting together a few pieces together for friends and family. They had such positive and enthusiastic feedback that they made the decision to start selling them to the public.
  • Peter Gosselin

    (Peter Gosselin)
    Medical retirement after a varied career - which included farming, engineering, transport, plus manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing of fishing tackle - allowed Peter to use dormant metal turning skills as a basis for therapy. This soon turned into woodturning.
  • Peter Houguez

    (Peter Houguez)
    Peter is a dairy farmer with a herd of about nine cows. However, his is a member of Genuine Jersey for the white carrots which he grows on his farm for his cattle. The cows love the taste of the carrots which in turn are beneficial for the herd because they don't colour the milk.
  • Peter Le Cuirot

    (Peter Le Curiot)
    Peter Le Cuirot has been growing indoor tomatoes since 1973, which is quite an achievement in an industry which has suffered more than its share of hard knocks.
  • Pippa Barrow

    (Pippa Barrow)
    Pippa Barrow is a life-caster and sculptor working primarily in cold-cast bronze. Specialising in the cold-casting process allows her to produce her pieces entirely on-island and all stages are undertaken by her in her studio in St Helier, from modelling through mould making and casting, to finishing and patination.
  • Potage Farm

    (Laurent Coenen)
    Hello, my name is Laurent Coenen and I am a young Jersey farmer, I have my own land down the country lanes in St Lawrence. I have always been interested in farming, continuing in the footsteps of my grandparents, Bill and Sheila Staite, who farmed at Oak Farm.