Products carrying the distinctive red Genuine Jersey mark include dairy goods, fruit and vegetables, herbs and salads, meat and poultry, fish and shellfish, pottery, wines, ciders, spirits and beers, jewellery, needlework, decorative stonework, wooden artefacts, glassware and artwork.

Genuine Jersey produce and products can be bought in the main shopping centre in St Helier and outlets Islandwide – including galleries, studios, tourist attractions and heritage sites, farm shops and markets and sampled in restaurants, pubs, cafes and from ice cream stalls.

Genuine Jersey was launched in 2001 to promote the diversity and quality of local produce and products. Since the Association started it has attracted a loyal and enthusiastic membership. While some members ensure the survival of Jersey’s heritage and traditions others are at the forefront of introducing pioneering farming methods, new crops or exploring previously untapped international markets.